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Like a million friends and family..I am now on FaceBook: Diane on FaceBook

Today I had to write an Artist’s Statement and Brief Bio. Here it is-more or less:
• I grew up in Evanston, Illinois.
• I got my start in clay in Kansas City in at the Kansas City Art Institute.
• I have worked as a potter in the Crystal Valley for many years. My work is always available at my studio showroom, just six miles south of Carbondale.

Things I have learned about myself as an artist and person…Things I love…
• Clay
• Color, painting and drawing, and exploring surface depth and texture in my pieces
•  Solitude and also golden conversation with friends, and being an active member of this wonderful community

• Learning and teaching and working with students of both art and language! (I also teach ESL, not simply as a side job, but as a labor of love)

• Nature, working and being outdoors, hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, swimming, yoga, animals of all kinds, including humans!

• Language, poetry and other good literature; many, many kinds of music; radical politics; and good comedy
• Living in Colorado on a familiar piece of land in a handcrafted, straw bale house with my beloved husband, John McCormick, and Archie, the awesome dog and Reina, the rascal cat

I list all of these things because they are what I bring to my current work in clay.

Bird Bowl
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