St Patrick’s Day Luck of the Irish



The luck of the Irish was with me last night in my studio. Here’s what happened…I was mixing a glaze recipe using my gram scale and I accidentally added 500 extra grams to the first of three ingredients. My first instinct was to throw it all out and start over but then my math kicked in and I wanted to make Sister Virginia Marie Cashion proud of me. She was my strict Irish math teacher at Marywood HS, in Evanston, Il,¬† many years ago. I did simple algabra, figured out percentages for the new amounts and ended up mixing 6666 grams of my glaze instead of 5000, but I kept the proportions right. That felt really good to me, in fact, it was fun to figure, and I said a prayer of thanks to Sr. Virginia Marie! Here’s a quote I like from Nuala O’Faolain: The Irish people are gifted in living. They risk themselves all the time. They drink like fish and dance and stay up late. They live intensely. It’s a way of life a I’m very attracted to and admire.

I want this spirit to be in my work. It may not seem very exciting to be mixing a glaze in my studio alone on St. Patrick’s Day night-but you know what, it is! Well, if not totally¬† exciting, at least it is simply a satisfying thing to be doing.

And, I want to risk myself all the time in my work. Otherwise, what’s the point?

The other bright spot of my St Paddy’s Day was rediscovering another “Marywood girl” from my very class who has written yet another book, called Galway Bay. Her name is Mary Pat Kelly [how could it be anything else?] and I couldn’t be more excited to re-connect with her and read this book! Check it out!

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