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NCECA…A gathering of the clay tribe. Potters, sculptors, ceramic artists all..many of us are also conceptual artists, exploring ideas and pushing boundaries, no matter what the media, using clay – ceramic – fired earth as a primary material, not only the wheel as tool, but computers and imagination. We are, many of us, also teachers, writers, public speakers,  photographers,  carpenters, kiln firers, builders, philosophers, thinkers and makers of objects and created spaces.  We need chemistry, math and digital skills. We also  need physical strength and deep spiritual resources. Most of all, we need and use our hands and our hearts and ideas and intellects to make things in clay…some beautiful, some disturbing, some simply amazing.   Does it matter that we do what we do? Some days I question this, but seeing the depth and breadth of the work and its makers in Phoenix last week -well, I am convinced that it matters that we do what we do.

This is the tile I donated for the Potters for Peace Auction in honor of Ron Rivera. He used his skills and talents and precious life to teach people in underdeveloped countries around the world, how to make low tech, ceramic water filters so they could have clean water. A pretty great thing to do!

A lifetime isnt enough for the beauty of this world

A lifetime isn't enough for the beauty of this world. (Mary Oliver, poet)

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