Studio work is somewhat on hold, rudely interrupted by breast cancer. I am still me, still feeling good, even after surgery 10 days ago. Climbed up two very steep trails in the last few days.  I feel calm and centered and strong. Years of working in my sanctuary of a studio in the company of the artist’s voice  and the miracle we call music and the gift of being outdoors daily,  in such  a beautiful place, have helped me deal with this. Not to mention my huge, big-hearted, extended family and much cherished friends.

Making art is still my focus – not disease.   Every fellow artist that I am privileged to know, also is committed to making their own lives a work of art…and this includes everything we open our hearts to or that finds us. This cancer thing is not a wake-up call…how can anyone function as an artist and not be awake and paying attention. At NCECA last month, my friend, Vicky Hansen quoted these lines to me: Everything is connected. Everything Changes. Pay attention. (Jane Hirschfield)

I am paying attention.

I don't know exactly what a prayer is, but I do know how to pay attention. (Mary Oliver)

I don’t know exactly what a prayer is, but I do know how to pay attention.         (Mary Oliver)

More to follow.

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