Life Intervenes in Art Making or Maybe Life is Art


Okay. This website is supposed to be about my work in clay; it is  a professional website after all.  However, right now my main work seems to be about learning all I can from this experience of breast cancer.  It is changing my life in good ways and filling me with gratitude for the many, many kind acts and thoughts from so many people.    I am in awe of the quiet  heroism and resilience of so many people who have been through this experience. I am learning now to welcome this “event” as a life changing process that will make me a better artist and a more compassionate  and passionate  human being.

I start chemo tomorrow for every three weeks for 18 weeks.

PS The photo above is of me and John at the Carbondale Clay Center’s recent fundraiser. My cup is made by Lauren Mabry and John’s is a Ginny Beesley cup.

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