June 20,2009

I am happy to be alive that’s all. I finally managed to update my Terra Cotta Gallery page – see what you think. I am definitely entering  a new zone since my first chemo treatment…I am curious and excited to see how my work will change from this life-changing adventure. Don’t worry, I promise not to start making busts of women with mangled bosoms! I do, however,  anticipate greater joy, color, and imagery creeping into my art work..in fact, it already has, in the Wall Tiles & pots.

My Studio

On another note, I have decided to offer studio space at a reasonable price since I am not able to keep up with myself anymore in the studio, and I have such a wonderful, state-of-the art studio with a great wood kiln and soda kiln. Carbondale – in my humble opinion – has become the ceramic capital of the Western Slope of the Rockies. So many great young artists working in this area.  Send me an email: potter@sopris.net  if you want more info about this opportunity.

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