September 2009

I know it is not entirely professional to use this site for health reports and talk of chemotherapy but these are the life gifts I am dealing with this entire year pretty much…so studio work is on hold, but will flow again like a river at spring runoff! At least this is how I am visualizing future studio days. In the meantime, life is sweeter and a little harder daily as chemo effects accumulate. Only two more treatments to go followed by 6 weeks of daily radiation in Edwards, CO.  Some distance from here.


Hints of fall becoming less subtle…a stillness in the air, leaves hanging dusty and heavy, atmosphere seems to be in a bit of a desultory mood as summer ebbs.  Today, Saturday, we harvested about 100 lbs of potatoes shared between our household and Dana & Breccia Wilsons’ -the geniuses behind it all. Daughter Laura helped with the harvest and entertainment, and took home some mighty potatoes. I lent moral support. Corny as it sounds it is quite amazing to dig for food in your own front yard. Nostalgic full days.


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