Late Winter Almost Spring 2010

Face Pot

Better Watch What You Eat!

Today is February 15th and I am still alive and therefore happy! I am slowly organizing, cleaning and re-claiming my studio after 10 months of not working there. I am finding peace when I am in that beautiful space and I feel ready to explore next steps.  Having a houseful of local potters/ceramic artists here last Saturday night for a potluck got my inspirational juices flowing!  Conversations were both soulful and fun, and the  food was great, too!  If any potters/sculptors “out there” want to live & work in this amazing Carbondale/Aspen/Glenwood Springs area and share/rent part of my studio, please contact me. My current focus in clay is  terra cotta, so my wood & soda kilns  are under-used! My studio could use more activity! The local clay community is awesome because of the Carbondale Clay Center, Anderson Ranch, S.A.W. studios, the home of the ArtStream, Harvey/Meadows Gallery and our local arts Council.

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