Summer 2010

Summer 2010 – I am learning to paint with acrylics and making some terra cotta pieces…still exploring diverse surfaces..painting in 2-D is a new way to slide back and forth between clay and paint.  I am adding a page here of PAINTINGS! I would love some feedback!

The garden is loving the recent rains and I am grateful to be so far along in my recovery from breast cancer treatment and back to work..albeit a slow return to my studio.

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2 Responses to Summer 2010

  1. Diane Knowles Naishtat says:

    I absolutely love this piece – the way the finish is shining and then some spaces are flat. And the painting Spring Forth – I go to your website to look at it a lot. It just makes me happy.

    So glad you you are alive and well.

    Cousin Diane

  2. diane says:

    Dear Cousin Diane,

    I was so happy that you are looking at my website and that you like my new work! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! I really appreciate it…and yes, I am also so happy and GRATEFUL to be alive and well!

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