Painting Class

Okay, I finally did it…went to an actual painting class with Majid Kahhak…the exercise was all about color and creating a quick abstract, loose painting…I did pretty well until I tried to give it more structure at the end of class and ended up with too much paint in a small space…the next day in my own studio I painted it out completely with black and then went over it again, trying to stay with the feel of the whole process and PAY ATTENTION to what was happening in front of it turned into a totally different painting..still abstract but aspen trees also appeared..very interesting process. I have so much to learn. See what you think about the before and after…I like the brightness of the original painting but it just got too messy…Comments welcome!!

My first (short-lived) abstract painting 12"x16"

My first (short-lived) abstract painting 12"x16"

Evolution of a painting

Evolution of a painting

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2 Responses to Painting Class

  1. Kathy Beckwith says:

    I love them both. I too, like the colors in the first. In the first I instantly saw waterfalls and craggy rocks and winds…it seemed like a very strong space to me with change in its midst. The second picture seemed like Colorado, more calm, but the whirl of the winds still reflected change is coming.

  2. diane says:

    Kathy, I thank you for your thoughtful response!!! Great to hear what others think since this is new territory for me!

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