Very Brief Bio & Artist’s Statement

I grew up in Evanston, Illinois, and later got my start in clay in Kansas City in at the Kansas City Art Institute.  I have worked as a potter in the Crystal Valley for many years. My work is always available at my studio showroom, just six miles south of Carbondale.     I am the (former) founding director of the Carbondale Clay Center.

Living in the West, so full of beauty, feeds my soul and gives me the inspiration, courage and vision that I need to keep changing and working as an artist. I always wish I had more time to fire one more kiln, to make one more run of whatever form…but there they are for now.  It makes me very happy when someone tells me that they drink out of one of my cups every day!

In the past year, I have been exploring what I can do in an electric kiln with red clay (terra cotta). I discovered how much fun it is, and how much I really like color and painting and drawing and using brushes to create images and surface texture on clay.  Most of my clay work has been functional pottery and it still is; however, I am also enjoying bring words into my work – making poetry tiles!

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