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Address: 0172 N. Bill Creek Road, Carbondale, CO 81623

Phone: 970-963-2395

Studio & Kilns

Studio & Kilns- Visitors Welcome!
My Studio Showroom
My Studio Showroom – Pieces marked to sell at recession ware prices!
Aerial View of Our Place-Can you see the arrow?
Aerial View of Our Place- Arrow points to green studio roof.

Mt. Sopris
Mt. Sopris- You will be treated to a great view of this mountain as you drive up to my studio!

DIRECTIONS TO MY STUDIO: Drive just 6 miles south of Carbondale [from the stoplight at the 7/11] on Hwy133, up the Crystal Valley, on the way to Redstone. Turn left & cross bridge over the Crystal River immediately after, and adjacent to, the “BRB Crystal River Resort” Cabins -at the end of the bike path. Come up a very small hill, bearing left until you reach a hard “T”. Turn left again onto N. Bill Creek Road, a very short distance to the fifth place on the right. Drive up the driveway; There is adequate parking up near the studio and down by the road. Watch for a teapot-shaped “pottery” sign, brick kilns and a green stucco house.

Teapot Sign

Teapot Sign

2 Responses to CONTACT

  1. Cheryl Calvin Moon says:

    Hi there old friend! Hope you aren’t too shocked to hear from me! Jim and I have now been married more than 35 years, and still appreciate our friendship with you (though we’d lost track of you over the years). We recently had a devastating house fire, and lost nearly everything. Some of the things we still have are badly damaged, others still look nearly normal. Of those things that survived is the raku lidded vase that you made at the Art Institute, and I was there to help pull it out of the kiln! Unfortunately, in the high heat of the fire, nearly all evidence of it having been raku fired is gone! We still have three of the tall water glasses that you made in our glaze, and either lids or bottoms of a couple of other pieces, but nearly everything else is gone. The hippopotamus that Suzanne and Elise made for me survived the fire but not the ‘rescue’ from the ashes. And, very interestingly, our neighbor down wind brought us two pieces of paper that had blown into his yard – one that we did not recognize at all, and one was a picture of you and John breaking ground- a Christmas card that I’d not known I still had!
    Now we are in the process of inventorying all our losses, and I have been at a loss to list prices for the many MANY Diane Kenney pieces of pottery that we had. Our insurance adjuster said she would accept a statement from you as to what you would now charge for similar items. So, I’m wondering if you have the time and energy, were I to send you a list of the items that I can recall, to provide approximate costs. I told the adjuster that your pottery had changed over the years, and she indicated that was fine, that we should use what you are doing now, and prices you are currently charging. So, you wouldn’t have to recall what you had charged (or given for free!) in the past.
    Sorry that my reconnecting with you is to ask you for a favor. We have used your pottery many times over the years, especially at Thanksgiving and Christmas for the dinnerware, but all year round for the serving pieces, the bakeware and the decorative pieces. I can send you some pictures (of family gatherings) where your dinnerware played a prominent role. I don’t have as many pictures of the serving ware – once we would bring out the food, the cameras would disappear!
    Other than the fire, we are doing pretty well – Jim has some arthritis issues, and we both have had some stress since the fire, but we are rebuilding, the same architect has just finished some plans that should allow us to stay in the home even as we need more accessible accomodations.
    I’ve stayed in regular touch with Amy, and, since Pinky’s death have been back in yearly contact with Suzanne and Elise. Paul actually has become friends with friends of ours, so, two years ago on the eve of the Feast of Epiphany, we went to their home, and Paul greeted us at that door! It was good to see him.
    Hope all is well with you. And please know that if my request is more than what you feel you can take on, I will understand.
    Thanks! Cheryl

  2. Helen Markey Tselepis says:

    Hi Diane,
    I was looking at your website and fell in love with you platter with a cow on it. I have loved cows, especially Holsteins, since I was a child when I spent my summers on a dairy farm in Wisconsin. Do you still have that platter available? I would love to buy it. I actually collect platters, usually very, very old ones. Having one with a cow on it would brighten any day.
    I hope that your shoulder has healed and loose enough to not be a distraction while you are working.
    Helen Marie

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