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Address: 0172 N. Bill Creek Road, Carbondale, CO 81623

Phone: 970-963-2395

Studio & Kilns

Studio & Kilns- Visitors Welcome!
My Studio Showroom
My Studio Showroom – Pieces marked to sell at recession ware prices!
Aerial View of Our Place-Can you see the arrow?
Aerial View of Our Place- Arrow points to green studio roof.

Mt. Sopris
Mt. Sopris- You will be treated to a great view of this mountain as you drive up to my studio!

DIRECTIONS TO MY STUDIO: Drive just 6 miles south of Carbondale [from the stoplight at the 7/11] on Hwy133, up the Crystal Valley, on the way to Redstone. Turn left & cross bridge over the Crystal River immediately after, and adjacent to, the “BRB Crystal River Resort” Cabins -at the end of the bike path. Come up a very small hill, bearing left until you reach a hard “T”. Turn left again onto N. Bill Creek Road, a very short distance to the fifth place on the right. Drive up the driveway; There is adequate parking up near the studio and down by the road. Watch for a teapot-shaped “pottery” sign, brick kilns and a green stucco house.

Teapot Sign

Teapot Sign

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