Wood Firing Action Shot

Aaaah, wood firing….I love the camaraderie of it, the fire itself¬† -and the richness of the surfaces…

I have not been able to fire my wood kiln in recent years but I never give up and hope to fire again this fall of 2012!

Here are  couple of wood-fired pieces still available:

Small Wood Fired Porcelain Teapot: Approx. 5″ Tall x 6″W $125

Small Covered Porcelain Jar -Approx. 5″ high x 6″ wide $75

Wood Fired Etched Pitcher

Wood-Fired Stoneware Pitcher, approx. 8″ tall Price: $125



Wood-Fired Stoneware Pitcher, approx. 7+” tall Price: $125

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