A New Year 2012

Studio is calling again…centering in the midst of a time of change.

Porcelain Floral Bowl

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Fall 2011

This piece is available right now for sale for $125 at AKAR Gallery. It is part of their “30×5, Salt/Soda” show.  I sent 5 pieces for this show. Check it out!

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New Work

I am currently investigating lots of new surface, texture, colors and  glazes in my terra cotta work. Getting ready for the Annual Studio Tour, Sat-Sunday, June 4th-5th.  I also updated my terra cotta gallery on this website. I will have cups in the Pairings show/event  at the Carbondale Clay Center in June, and I am very excited about being invited into a show in the Fall at AKAR gallery, titled “30 x 5” – meaning 5 pieces each by 30 potters. More on that later!



Face Vase



Feel free to contact me and  come by for the perfect gift!! my email is: potter@sopris.net

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Spring Things

Here are a few images of some new work. I am getting ready to run through a  few more ideas in terra cotta before I switch over to doing batch of wood fired pot. Getting ready for the annual Studio Tour June 3-4-5th.

This Platter is 13″ in Diameter. Price: $150


Magpie Platter – 13″ long x 9″ wide   Price: $150

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It’s Spring!

In spite of my good intentions to update this site often, I have to  confess that I have been using Facebook to post images of latest work and to stay in touch with my fellow potters.  I am really excited about working in my studio these days and sharing new work with you-whoever you are -visiting my web site! WELCOME!

SO, what’s up? New terra cotta work. I sent a place setting to “La Mesa” show at NCECA in FL this year, and a piece for Potters for Peace. I am doing one more round of terra cotta, going after a spring-like, colorful, floral theme. Next, I move on to create pots for a wood fire at the end of May, followed by a soda fire in the summer. I was invited into the AKAR gallery show, “30×5”. The emphasis is on soda/salt so I am so super honored to be included. Work is due in September. Before that I will be in the Valley Artists Studio Tour first weekend in June.

New work (with prices) will appear soon on my Terra Cotta page and Wall Tile pages on this site! Thanks for visiting! Leave me a message or comment if you like!

Also, I have some nice prints for sale in my Etsy shop online! Check it out! Free shipping.

Toucan Espresso Cup

Oval Toucan Platter

Oval Toucan Platter, approx. 14"Lx9.5"W


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Holiday Season – 2010

Hard to believe that the  holidays are here again!  I am grateful for this season that I love and  I want to join the chorus of my fellow potters and artists encouraging everybody to  buy HANDMADE work made by local artists!

This past year I have mostly worked in terra cotta, making somewhat labor intensive,  one-of-a-kind pieces, both pottery and wall tiles.  I also have ventured into painting and then marketing prints of my paintings, both locally and on  Etsy.com.

Thanks to all of you for supporting my work – more to come soon!

Still, the heart of the craft is not the past,
but what goes on within the present… Perhaps the ultimate art is the
totality of being human.
[David Shaner, Potter, 1989]

Winter Sunset

Winter Sunset

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Early Winter Change in the Air

Hello again and welcome back to my website. I am working on getting images of current work up to date on this site, along with prices for those pieces that are available! I have my hands in clay still -always will- AND, I have also started painting. Several paintings are featured on my “Paintings” page, with prices.  I am also getting prints made in various sizes that will be available very soon. I would welcome your feedback!

On my schedule: An opening tonight, Oct. 28 at the Aspen Art Museum featuring the Carbondale Clay Center Artists and CMC Ceramics Dept.

First Friday, Nov. 5th: Holiday Show at the Carbondale Clay Center

First Friday, December 3rd, Opening of a show I guest-curated at the new Arts Council Gallery in The Third Street Center: Made by Hand, From the Heart, featuring 20 wonderful artists working in clay, glass, metal, wood, painting, jewelry and mixed media! It will be a great show. Clay Center Cup Auction also happens a few blocks away on the same night, Dec. 3rd so Carbondale will be bursting with activity and Art  Sales!

Take a look at my new informational postcard, designed by Elizabeth Robinson, Postcards for Artists. Pottery on one side, Paintings on the other!

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Fall 2010

I am eager to work for holiday shows! Coming up:  Participation in a brief show for Carbondale Clay Center representation at the Aspen Art Museum in late October.

Also in October, Lark Books, 500 Vases will be available. I have a vase in that book!

I am serving as the guest curator for the Arts Council Holiday Show opening Dec. 3rd. Show title is Made by Hand, From the Heart.  20 artists will be in the exhibit. It will be a strong show.

I will also have work in the Carbondale Clay Center’s Holiday show opening November 5th.  I am also sending a place Setting to Santa Fe Clay for their holiday show: La Mesa.

I am continuing to paint…So grateful to be finished with cancer treatments…feeling SO much better than a year ago at this time…thanks to so many for your support.

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Painting Class

Okay, I finally did it…went to an actual painting class with Majid Kahhak…the exercise was all about color and creating a quick abstract, loose painting…I did pretty well until I tried to give it more structure at the end of class and ended up with too much paint in a small space…the next day in my own studio I painted it out completely with black and then went over it again, trying to stay with the feel of the whole process and PAY ATTENTION to what was happening in front of me..so it turned into a totally different painting..still abstract but aspen trees also appeared..very interesting process. I have so much to learn. See what you think about the before and after…I like the brightness of the original painting but it just got too messy…Comments welcome!!

My first (short-lived) abstract painting 12"x16"

My first (short-lived) abstract painting 12"x16"

Evolution of a painting

Evolution of a painting

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Summer 2010

Summer 2010 – I am learning to paint with acrylics and making some terra cotta pieces…still exploring diverse surfaces..painting in 2-D is a new way to slide back and forth between clay and paint.  I am adding a page here of PAINTINGS! I would love some feedback!

The garden is loving the recent rains and I am grateful to be so far along in my recovery from breast cancer treatment and back to work..albeit a slow return to my studio.

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